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Exchange Petrol Bike With E-Bike

Exchange your petrol with E-Bike having hasel free process.

Who is clearview?

About Our Company

Hurry Up & Ride Pvt Ltd., Is newly start up Pvt. Ltd. company

Going to start renting vehicle service in the Surat city of Gujarat state.

It could be first start up across the India where company will provide services of renting Electric scooter in electric segment.

Company having its registered office.

Company has acquired the office location on rental basis having approx. Area of 1000 sq fts.


Our Exchange Process

Exchange Bikes

First process is that customer have to take their petrol bike to our center.

Verification Process

At our center we will check your bike,their documention and giving customer best exchange rates

Complete Process

After all the process we will handover them their new ebike

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What We Can Do For You

Our mission is to lead a passionate and growing movement that champions the interests of everyone who wants to exchange there electric bike with E-Bike.

Exchange Price


How to exchnage?

Customer have to take their petrol bike to our center then will give best exchange rate for your bike and provide you e-bike after all process.

What is process for exchnage bike?

At our center we will check your document and your bike condition and then provide customer best exchange rates.

What we will check in your petrol bike?

At our center we will check documetation,bike condtions and other process we can check for provide best exchange rates our valulable customers.


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